Evaluation Question 7.


At the start of the year i made a preliminary task where it mainly used a 180 degree match on action. In my preliminary task i only took the necessary shots as i didn’t think i needed more, but when it came to doing my actual opening i took many more shots than i needed this is good so that i can sieve through the footage and use the best shots and make the best film possible.

My editing has improved alot since my preliminary task as i feel before many of the shots didn’t fit together but now with my film opening i feel like this has improved majorly. I have also learnt many new shots i can take within the making of the film as in my earlier productions i only did 180 degrees match on action. But in my final production i have used many different shots. On a whole I have become more confident with all the equipment and editing tools so this has helped me progress alot since my early stages.

I feel like i am more in tune with my audience aswell now as i can see in my early productions how it would be very easy to lose interest whilst watching the projects when compared to my final project. In my final project i feel like it is very easy and enjoyable to watch my whole productions as i feel like this wasn’t true for my preliminary task so i feel personally i have come on in leaps and bounds over this past year, due to the help of my teachers and fellow students who have given me feedback on how to improve and i took it on and aimed to improve.


Evaluation Question 6.


In the construction of making my film i learnt about many new products that can help produce the best quality of film. I feel like the most important new technologies i learnt where to do with the editing of my film but there was also some very helpful pieces of equipment that were used to film my shots.

During the shooting of my film i used a ‘Canon 1200D’, ‘Go pro’ & ‘Go Pro Gyro’ I used the Canon to film shots with a tripod to give me stability the majority of my shots were filmed with this camera as i know how to use this best, but for moving shots i decided to use a go pro with a gyro stick as that helped me keep the camera stable and not shaky, i used both the Canon and the Gopro to film a scene where i had to walk and I could tell straight away which produced the best footage as the Canon was to shaky and hard to watch.

With in editing i used the programmes Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe after Effects. This were used for when all filming had stopped, i used the after effects to do my titles and the ident whilst i used the premier pro to do the editing of the clips and constructing the piece together. Whilst using these programmes i learnt how to use different techniques like how to fade, slow shots down and reverse the shot, as one of the shots i took i decided to do backwards as i felt it would fit better.

For the publishing of my movie i used ‘Vimeo’ to upload it to the internet then used ‘WordPress’ to upload it to my blog so it can be watched by others.

Evaluation Question 3.


In my research of Idents i looked at many Idents like “Lions-gate” & “Warner Brothers” Whilst both very good and classic symbols of major companies. I felt like that it wasn’t a very good representation of what my film would be, so I decided to go with a very simple style. Even though it is simple i feel like it really showed what was gonna be in the movie as it was mysterious.

It is vital that the Ident links to your movie as it is the beginning and set a tone for the rest of the movie. I would most like “20th century fox” to distribute my movie as it is a major company with many movies that are successful, they have produced many good movies in all genres but as they did ‘Taken’ i feel like it would be best if they distributed as they really know what is the best way to distribute. They would be in charge of advertisement as they would be able to get the film out there and more people would watch it as it is one of the major companies.

I feel like it is very necessary for this company to distribute it as a DVD, Blu ray and even on Sky box office. As i feel personally that many people will want to watch the movie again or for the first time as many people don’t enjoy going to the cinema so will buy it and watch it in the comfort of their home. This is key as there is a very large audience that can be reached from this so that also means there is alot of money to be made from it, so there would hopefully be another advertisement launch after the movie has come out of the cinema for the release of the DVD. This would all be done by the 20th century fox.

Evaluation Question 5.


Through the use of my survey and interviews i did with other class pupils I clearly saw that the main place for a thriller to take place was a city. This is why I used St Helier as my filming location. I also decided to do it at night time i felt like this was necessary as it added an element of danger as you do not know what is lurking in the shadows. This is similar to taken as Taken 1 is set in Paris and many of the scenes throughout the film are during the night.

My female protagonist was also female and a similar age to my target audience this helps the audience it is targeted for to relate to her more easily and create a connection as this is important as for a good film I feel the viewers should get attached to the characters and the film in general.

I gained most of this information through the use of interviews as I felt it gave a more reliable answer and helped me really decide what I was going to do.

Evaluation Question 4.


From research i did before making my film i did a survey about thrillers and gave it out to a wide variety of people it had many questions not just on thrillers but other movies aswell and from this data i can see that the results were very even as the only two answers given were Adults and teens.

This leads me to believe that the main target audience would be young adults of the age of around 15-24. This also what age range the majority of thriller films are aimed at. Personally i would give me film an age rating of around 15 as i feel like people under this age would be to young and effected by the scenarios that would take place.

I asked close family friends if they would be interested in watching a movie based on my opener and the younger adults tended to be more interested and said they would as for the older people like my dad and grandmother were less interested.

So this information help me believe that my previous information was correct so i decided to go ahead and try and aim my movie and this age group.

Evaluation Question 2


Due to my extensive research in the thriller category i was able to see what common trends happen within this genre. As main films follow such trends as it is almost a tried and true patent for success. Movies that follow this are “Taken” as in the movie you have a young female who gets kidnapped by someone older and male. This is to signify there differences. As the young female as being naive and care free about the darker side of life, whilst the perpetrator of the crime is almost more worn down and has had to come to these extreme measures for a job and money.

As you can see my main protagonist is suppose to emulate “Amanda” from taken as being young and naive. They are both in a hostile environment and are naive to the situations going on around them until it is too late.

Whilst the kidnapper is unseen so this adds to an element of mystery to who the guy could be and therefore lets you think about who it could be. Through my research i did not find many characters he followed par with but i thought it, interesting to make him faceless. We can definitely tell he is a male and hostile as he is committing the act of kidnapping.

These two actors were exactly the too i was looking for as personally they fit the role both perfectly and represent the two social groups within this thriller.